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Eurosiberia Podcast #17: Jason Reza Jorjani

Jason Reza Jorjani and Constantin von Hoffmeister talk about Jorjani’s new book Philosophy of the Future, Nietzsche’s concept of the Last Man and the Overman and its relevance today, the technological singularity and its potential repercussions, why a Terminator future is not likely, the simulation theory, the rise of artificial general intelligence creating an evolutionary divide between a passive majority and a creative elite, resistance against the breakaway civilization, accelerationism, Jorjani’s Prometheism vs Alexander Dugin’s Traditionalism, Guillaume Faye’s concept of Archeofuturism, the project of the Colossus of Prometheus over Alcatraz, San Francisco as the vanguard of the West, and other topics.

Purchase Philosophy of the Future here.

Learn about the Colossus project here.