IMO, Dugin is correct but a little too diplomatic as he must, of course, be.

"Terrorism" is a tactic appropriate in "assymetric warae" or "small wars". The Zionist "Irgun" used this on the British in theri War of Independance : the same who'd just resscued Jews from "nazis".

Then, from the Nakbah to Disproporationate Response or "mow the lawn", came

"already forced to live in the monstrous conditions" . What would Palestinains do?

Neither the British nor the Ottomans presented impossible conditions for Jews but the Western Zionists who immigrated into the Mandate did impose impose impossible conditions upon the local Palestinians.

This is EuropeanColonialism at its worst and it wasn't all bad, either. There were far better exemples that Zionists could have emulatd but they preoceeded with this "holoaust" sense of victimhood by which they justified anything they wanted to do and by 1990s had subverted U.S. military to their will.

Since 911, we have fought "Isrel's War" but, look at recent U.S. Amry recruiting efforts and comments on line, White Men aren't buying it anymore.

Isreal is going the way of Ukraine : out on a limb of U.S. support that is muchmore fragile than either Zelensky or Natenyahu think.

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Iunderstand Dugin's view of the Crusades analogy. Our "Judeo-Christianinity" is of course hardly Christian. Tel Aviv is the "gay" capital of the world and sexual perversion has become the Western cause of "freedom to love".


But in a material sense, the Crusdaes and ISrael established a Western outpost and point of imperial expansion which is how the region viewed them. Both are/were sustained by an influx of troops and money which maintained a far richer and more powerful moiety than either could achieve by its own means. Sexual "freedom" has replaced the devout Templars, but both qualify as Sorellian "Power Mythos". Both rely upon advanced military art in lieu of numbers which is typical of Western Imperialism, from Rork's Drift to Omdurman.

Buit there is another theme, from Little Big Horn to Islandlwana, the First Anglo-Afgahn War , Soviet Afghan Incursion or Saladin and the Crusades : numbers count, but only when the invader parodoxically provokes unity.

The Multipolar world must unite and become "Unipolar" against its commonenemy, which is what military alliances are and typically extend to commerce and finance,which BRICS is doing.

Natenyahu and Zelensky areboth foolish, at his point, to rely on a fickle American republican whose Unipolar, "Globalist" politicians are rapidlay falling out of favor. The Isreal Aid bill failed in teh Sneate because of other concerns. America is not the imperial ally it once was, as when the money and Crusaders finally dreid up and Jeruselm fell.

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Doesn’t it start to feel like the chicken or the egg argument? I’m sure the Palestinian people are oppressed. And they should act on that. But they also

killed off the PLO people and installed Hamas. Then they mass murder kids and rape and behead civilians. I mean that deserves a response as well. I think the west needs to stay out of it. Why do we have to be the world police?

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We have been lied to, grossly. Our American Liberals spew "religion of peace" about Islam and teh "conservatives" spew "Judeo-CHristianity" and "Isreal". It's "divide and conquor" although I'm sure how planned it is because most of our politicians are just stupid. They don't research. They get prepared statemetns from their donors and AIPAC is a big one.

IMO, the "holocaut" and "Isreal" are foundations of "Never Again", which is why America must police teh world and Suadi Arabia must deal only in U.S. dollar to finance it : Unipolar.

Frankly, I'm with the Palestinians becuse Zionists started all this in 1948 and have the power to do better and opportunites but prefer the Unipolar world in which Isreal Lobbyists and propaganda determine U.S., policy and impose military solutions all over teh world. This must and will end and it will be violent becaue U.S. ha alreadfy made it so.

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Because the people that exert power in the West and control America are the same people that built Israel

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Oh I see now. You’re an Iranian propaganda nut! Hahahaha! You shit bags are stuck in the 4th century. I spent 4 years of my life in Arab/Muslim shit holes helping to exterminate your filth. You think your false faggot of a prophet will save you and the rest of the cave men? Hahahahaha! Clown.

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Who? I don’t give a shit about Israel or Gaza. But you sound as retarded as BLM or ANTIFA. Do you possess the ability of critical thought? Substack isn’t Facebook. Maybe you should go back to Twitter and Insta with your teenage angst logic.

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