All scientific theories exclude “reality” except for the phenomena in question. We have to do that to see all the pieces working but, as with , chemists understgdn the limitations. When something goes wrong on the floor, is it a pH problem? Overlaoded? Known contaminants? Redeposit? It’s expensive to junk a 1,500 gallon vat but sometimes, that’s the best you can do.

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We think of creativity in terms of the masters.

How many rock bands have we never heard of? How many one hit wonders? The Beatles or Led Zeppelin were likely no more talented than some but hit a popular vein and mined it. Couldn’t AI music do the same?

Many are called, but few are chosen?

Artificial intelligence has created the first new antibiotic in years. Drug discovery is tedious but AI coupled with computer quantum chemistry can rip through candidates quick.

This is really no more than the literature search by which in Fritz Haber’s WW1 “bureau” came up with new war gasses, calling out: ease of manufacture: heavier than air: toxic at low concentrations : thermal stability.

Adding a computer that can predict quantum properties of novel molecules is just the next step (in fact, nitrogen mustards were war gasses that became chemo-therapy agents)

You can download Argus Lab, a free, computer chemistry program and, I wouldn’t doubt, hook it up to a DIY primitive AI to search for some molecular properties you want.


The first to complain were porn stars. AI created models more erotic than the real thing. Ha! Well, what’s real about pornography to begin with? However, if it’s more erotic than anyone real, then it isn’t real. It’s fantasy. Any lack of that, already? If it does look real, and some does, then what’s new about it? You can find people who look just like that but, you don’t have to pay to photograph them. Bum-mer, if that’s your schtick, and a really over paid one, at that. Sorry! No sympathy.

In fact, isn’t this something that painters have been doing forever? Creative visuals? Realism? Romantic? Goth? Cubism? Impression?

Music? Classic? Baroque? Classic? Romantic?

Some works, most doesn’t? But, AI can do it faster.

Maybe, this means, that humanity isn’t defined by intellect or creativity anymore than strength or even sex.

Am I less human as I age, my intellect fades, and my response to most things is that I’ve heard it before? Some sexy girl smiling seductively at me on tube of silicone caulk that is supposed to, ,,to,,make me do what? Buy the thing? Well, that’s what I went to the hardware store for. The roof leaks.

Is there any way out of here? AI can navigate,,,,

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An unintended consequence of democracy and industrialized warfare is that civilians have become legitimate targets, nasty as that may be: they manufacture munitions which is only a step in their deployment and may be the easiest to interdict.

The idea that civilians were sacrosanct was really never more than an illusion, useful in convincing mothers to send their sons to war.

Civilians must also be persuaded that they have lost the war as much as the army and are often easier to persuade since they have less personally invested hence “peace” movements.

All war, therefore, has become “terrorism”, the nuclear bomb being the most indiscriminate of terror weapons, holding entire continents hostage. Color revolution” and covert regime change operations were a way around Mutually Assured Destruction but have since become standard campaign strategy, at least, for Democrats, and has rendered government itself a clown show that does not represent or even understand those it governs hence, our predicament in America today: war mongering air heads who can’t quite make up their minds which flag we are to fight for, to the death!

Flip side: Hamas, Hezbollah or Houthis have a Liberation cause while the current electronic and missile technology favors them over the expensive WW2 heavy industry type weapons which have become largely very expensive targets for things like Hamas RPG 7 or Houthis anti-ship missile, a thing that’s been around since the 1980s French Exocet. You can build a kamizee drone, submarine or speedboat in your garage. Hamas builds sugar-nitrate fuel rockets.

Of what use war has become, is the question IMO. It isn’t the same as it was because the means has dramatically changed and so has the will to conquer other people and incur all the problems of governing them, manifested in the dying days of the European empires and “containment” wars of the Cold War which didn’t really seek conquest in a traditional sense so much as “send a message”:

“One more step South, China, and we’ll destroy more South Viet Nam fishing villages!”

RAND Corp. explained it with dominoes but we still lost.

Losing Viet Nam was the best thing for both sides, however, other than not having started it to begin with.

Prior to 911, the only Afghans who hated us were the Taliban. 20 years and $1 trillion later, they all do.

Israel cannot exist as the “Martha’s Vineyard” of the ME and most Israelis are too arrogant to assimilate so there will be another “holocaust” for which they’ll blame everybody but themselves. Some things never change.

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