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Interesting to read this piece by Alexander Dugin translated, and that Arktos is on Substack, a name I recognise from being the only publisher of any of Pentti Linkola's work in English — though I have to say in case you read these comments, your 2009 first edition cover to "Can Life Prevail?" is far superior to your new one that does not characterise Linkola's optimism or the book very well, looking like it is the cover to a post-apocalyptic fiction novel rather than a depiction of hope, that even in urban decay there is a flower that might bloom.

I have to nitpick Dugin's comment on West African states. The coup in Gabon is not an ideological one like the others have been. They are still Francophiles there with a fervor that's very difficult to understand. Chima Okezue did an excellent write-up on it. It is repeated uncritically it seems among almost all alternative media and commentators that it, too, was an anti-colonial coup, but the evidence is not in favour of this.


It's also very strange to hear Milei praised by Dugin as if he were some leader opening a front of anti-globalist, multipolar struggle in Latin America. You will not find another world leader outside the US who will rattle on about the threat of "socialist" Russians and Chinese, who thinks by replacing his country's currency with the failing US dollar, it will improve rather than take away their sovereignty. It's no wonder he has received such a warm welcome from US media and leadership. His policies are all ideological capitalism rooted in the CIA's Austrian school of economics.

He is a lunatic besides, who if Argentinian Spanish-language media is to be believed in accurately quoting him and those close to him, thinks God speaks to him (sorry, "the One", since there's apparently a difference), wakes up every morning and does medium sessions with his dogs—all clones of his dead dog that he believes he could speak to through a psychic, and that he met 2,000 years ago in a Roman coliseum—to hear each of their latest in political, economic, and general advice per their specialties, before he resumes his job as head of state. Of course, his dogs are named after his favourite economists except the one named after a fantasy character. Milei is not a serious leader worthy of praise, or against unipolarity, but someone who belongs in an insane asylum.

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I love global analysis that treat USA as a coherent body when in fact USA is internally divided into thousands of misaligned and incompatible lives and goals.

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A terrifying prophecy but I would agree that the reckoning is inevitable. If the US had not been overthrown by neocon globalists we might have been able to salvage something of American dignity. But the US is facing multiple, absolute military failures - lost wars for profit only, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq is lost forever now, Iran is unwinnable, Yemen, and finally Ukraine will be a total loss. Who does this benefit? Other than Israel I mean...

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Both Russia and China need to be broken up into smaller republics.

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I love how people like you simp for worthless shit holes like China and Russia (both who have a long track record of abusing & butchering civilians) or for Islamists who would gleefully rape or behead you for a multitude of reasons. They are not our friends. They're never going to be our friends. Pretending otherwise is a potentially fatal pose to strike.

The USA and Western Civilization have many issues that need to be corrected but they do hold back the tides of these backwards, murderous cretins from running roughshod over the globe. Fixing the problems in the West is far preferable to destroying or 'slaying' it.

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Don’t Negotiate With us 🇺🇸.

We 🇺🇸 can’t negotiate.

We naturally keep to ourselves.

Leave us alone.

It’s best for all.

(TLDR version).

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Most of this is correct.

(Pardon the length below, you proceed from errors in understanding us).

However it would be a mistake to broaden the conflict, a mistake the Globalists desperately need.

The matter of the downfall of the globalists is primarily and exclusively a Western matter- save nuclear war. The Western globalists are nuclear powers, any war is nuclear. A war they want as this will rid them of surplus native populations who are troublesome.

To say the Western military’s have dragged their feet on Ukraine is to somewhat understate the matter, for all the weapons and advisors sent the globalists want and need all out war.

To broaden the conflict with extremely weak allies such as Iran, the Houthi and risibly Venezuela (a dollarized economy BTW) is very unwise.

To call the Israelis our vanguard is to completely misunderstand the relationship and the history. Israel wasn’t a US ally until 1967, the arms came from British stocks and THE EAST in 1947, after that the French. Upon Israel becoming a US ally after 1967 it has more and more become a US Satrapy, just one that is extremely resistant to being undermined by the US Government State Department and the Left. HAMAS by its inane murder/rape parade *saved* Israel last year from its Supreme Court taking power over the government- the goal being to give the Palestinians the vote for the Knesset. < this is official American One State Foreign Policy as of Spring 2023. This would have been the end ala South Africa.


Had HAMAS not scuttled the peace deal to the extent they have and far more importantly the Israeli Supreme Court takeover of the nation at America’s command- Israel would be unraveling already.

The American interests - I am American- is different than our *Vanguard* our Foreign Policy Community wishes to betray.

The lesser interest is to stop betrayal as policy foreign and domestic, we need the practice.

> FAR more importantly- the HAMAS Gaza situation places the Globalists on the Horns of a Dilemma and they’re too weak to choose both: destroy US populism and save the Empire XOR (Exclusive OR) or … finish destroying Israel- a nation hated beyond all others at Foggy Bottom save their own. They cannot do both. Ideally for Americans they vacillate and can’t choose- this is so far happening. By vacillation their remaining strength dissipates, indeed the Democratic Party is split over the issue, indeed the main Satrapy of England loses a seat in Rochdale to a Clown who peddles “a real voice for Palestine” in Manchester, a city with its own problems.

The real use of Israel in the Cold War was a club to beat the Arabs with, a boogeyman (which they made use of too) and the Palestinians a stick to beat and annoy Israel. We 🇺🇸 held both sticks. Palestine is UNWRA, we are UNWRA. The problem is as the internal American regime decayed due to gerontocracy and lack of talent the matter spun out of control.

It’s vital to understanding America that it is eternally a Federation from the Iroquois to the Internet (the Internet is administratively and technically a Federation) along with all arrangements in between. This is why America can’t be negotiated with- no one faction is EVER in charge… except during declared wars that the nation committed to as well- this is borne out by history from the beginning. Few of our wars ever were united- the main exceptions being the 20th century wars of WW1 and WW2 and most of the Cold War (even the latter had divisions, Nixon was deposed for detente and SALT treaties- peace in a word).

America can’t be negotiated with: That’s always been our history, the same was true for the Europeans dealings with the Iroquois, the same true of the Revolutionary War where many in Philadelphia would have cut a deal with England. George Washington taking ultimate real control of the Army and the Independence faction winning internally and then at war sealed victory. Had the British not by bloody mindedness in the American South not gotten the OverMountain Men so angry they would not have suffered their ultimate reversal and defeat, of course at the hands of the French Navy, arms and Troops. But the deadlock on land was broken by “rednecks” In the south at Kings Mountain and Cowpens when the American Warrior stock committed.

The point of explaining our internal history is this (pardon the length); don’t interrupt us when we’re in the business of re-establishing sane control of our own nation. You can’t do anything to us externally without total nuclear commitment in any case. Any overseas miscalculations that somehow unite the people behind a government they despise and inflames the “redneck” warrior stock - who are also the backbone working class- would be idiotic.

Don’t save the globalists from their fate at the last moment…. We’re about to topple them.

Moreover the American Elites have had enough and are quite saying so … and the US Supreme Court* yesterday allowing Trump on the ballot proves the elites have had enough.

Don’t save the Globalists from the only people who can topple them with some adventure in the MidEast or the inane nonsense of thinking Maduro anything but our Comic Villain, complete with Mustache. Good heavens, that’s the Zimmerman note with even less ability to deliver…

(*SCOTUS, the Supreme Court US is in truth the Ivy League’s and USA Elite’s Law Firm and always has been. That they didn’t ban Trump from the ballot means they assent to his election).

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