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'Christian Nationalism' is an oxymoron. Christianity is anti-nationalist, if by 'nation' you mean a people with enough shared ancestry to allow them to recognize that shared ancestry. 'Christianity' is race-communism. A White Christian will always prefer a non-White Christian to a White Pagan because, once you allow your consciousness to be colonized by abstract loyalties (like 'Christianity' or 'Yahweh'), you stop caring about 'nation' and are solely motivated by those abstraction.

I recently rewatched Aronofsky's 'Noah' and every time I do, I sympathize with Tubal-Cain more and more. If you eliminate the magical elements from Aronofsky's tale, and see Noah as a man willing to kill *everyone* because his 'god' tells him to do so, he seems no different Tubal-Cain, except Tubal-Cain doesn't pretend he gets his instructions from 'God'.

White Christians are a minority now in the Christian community.

Eventually, that's going to bite 'Christian Nationalism' on the ass.

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