Before the Civil War, when we had nothing but White Men voting and running the state and federal governments, and with far fewer states, we still wound up with a Civiil WAr : exactly what "Americanism" was suppose to prevent.

The Civil War and Reconsruction profoundly altered "Americansim" into an ever more military enterprise ever since because the Right Side always won, never mind, what was won or, more important, what was lost in order to win.

That illegal aliens should be inducted to fight for "Americanism" that White Men won't is actually the epitome of "Americanism", of equality reachinhg the lowest common denominator.

YOu really wonder why anyone would bother with election fraud when it doesn't matter who gets elcted anyway.

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"Americanism" means what? The Frontier?

It's closed, over a century ago.

The New Wrold? It's pretty old, now!

In a land where poltics is the national past time, balknaization is future.

Which is essentially federaliam or "states rights" again, but once the crash starts WDC will never be able to rerieve even its pre-CivilWar level of authority.

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