Milei came in like a cross between Ayn Rand, Donald Trump and Groucho Marx: completely unserious, a nice way to say fraud.

Maybe, he was Sam Brinkman-Fried on steroids but couldn't get a date. We're not sure if it was the chainsaw or the hair cut but, hey: Sam Brinkman-Fried was really no Casanova either other than being a lot less picky.

The big give away was Melei's choice of Western bankers: predators.

Milei is another Zelesnky: a predatory comedian: a shining example of everything that can go wrong with free enterprise and democracy. The "individual" he's talking about isn't you or me. It's him and his banker friends. He'll be camping out in Florida with Zelensky and Natenyahu before long.

If it weren't for guys like Milei, Karl Marx would never had had a chance.

Milei is what makes "kill the bougeosie" a good idea, from time to time.

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He can read a map?

And not fall for the multi polar trap?

The other 2 poles are in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Argentina 🇦🇷 is not.

In the 19th century the Greeks and Slavs discovered that even when Orthodox or Slavic ties were professed the Tsar was busy and far away- too far.

(Serbia being the exception in 1914 perhaps).

As for the pole in Peking, Africa may like the renminbi but China’s neighbors like the US Navy.

In short Moscow and Beijing are toying with the Global South, Millei can read a map and would rather not be a libertarian Venezuela or Cuba, in particular with Moscow and Beijing on the other side of the world. Multi polar works in Asia, it’s not going to sail the Pacific or Atlantic.

I don’t even care for Libertarianism, I think sadly some of these bad things will happen, but given his real constraints I don’t know what else he’s to do - and in fairness he’s been elected to do exactly what he is doing.

He’s keeping his explicit word.

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Argentina is!, DOOMED... it's,"make the super-rich, RICHER???,then they already are... PLEASE!,cry for me, Argentina,the truth is they ALWAYS!, hated you...and!, EVERYONE else too!?!,🤔

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