Arktos, a prominent publisher specialising in New Right and traditionalist literature, has a successful track record of fourteen years in the industry and boasts a portfolio of over 250 distinct book titles, establishing it as the most significant player in this field. While continuing to focus on book publishing, Arktos has taken the next step and redefined itself as a think tank. As part of this transition, the company has launched a new journal and expanded its operations, including opening an online university and organising conferences.

Arktos was founded in November 2009. During its first four years, it operated entirely from India to keep expenses low and facilitate rapid expansion. Arktos has featured the writings of influential figures in the European New Right school of thought. Additionally, the collection features a wide range of titles by notable conservative and traditionalist writers worldwide, including Julius Evola and Alexander Dugin, along with literary, spiritual and philosophical books by non-mainstream authors, such as Pentti Linkola, demonstrating the range of published works. Arktos has received praise from many publications, including The American Conservative and Adbusters, and focuses on titles related to politics, spirituality and religion, history, philosophy, culture, and literature.

With a mission to explore the boundaries of thought, Arktos provides a voice for individuals often overlooked by the mainstream, offering original and challenging alternatives to the prevailing culture.

The editorial policy of our online journal aligns with our slogan, ‘Making Anti-Globalism Global’. When it comes to geopolitical issues, our stance is ‘Europe First’. Our objective is to promote anti-globalist narratives on a global scale, while also advocating for Europe’s interests and preserving its civilisation as a whole, rather than any particular country’s. We strongly oppose intra-European conflicts as they only serve the interests of those who seek to undermine our unity.

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Making Anti-Globalism Global Since 2009.


Making Anti-Globalism Global Since 2009.