No Constitution is worth anything if not enforced, the American Constitution is inoperative.

Indeed it’s over.

I’m American and swore to and did serve it, it’s dead.

We’re not comfortable, we’re numb.

However it’s dead, we buried it, and await the inevitable “sorting out.”


From a post mortem American view, you’re looking in the wrong place. Congress and the courts gave away their powers to the bureaucracy in the New Deal and WW2 quite legally if unconstitutionally (yes).

The New Deal;

The Federal Register act allows bureaucrats to write administrative law. 1934.

Upheld by SCOTUS 1935.


SCOTUS Humphrey’s executors 1937 says the President can’t fire bureaucrats, and they can administratively levy fines and fees (taxes). The Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 enshrined this into law.

The National Security Act of 1947 established the CIA as an Independent Agency (of those pesky politicians, we wouldn’t want them using them for political matters here... like Nixon, Trump, maybe JFK).

This is in line with the thrust of Progressive government, the FCC and NRLB are also Independent agencies. The Federal Reserve is Independent in a class of its own.

You’re looking at the wrong people in the USA, our politicians are a TV show, largely powerless.

We know this.

We know elections are meaningless drama.

2/3 of the budget is automatic, only 1/3 discretionary. Butter is on autopilot, guns AREN’T.

Defense; the USA is committed to the Defense (cough) of Europe and a total of 69 countries, most by treaty, Israel by practice since LBJ. The real aim is to avoid WW3, although it looks like we may be starting it ourselves.

Hence Saturation.

Defense by the way ISN’T Independent- yet. They can be sacked and every penny is discretionary, only 15% of the budget.

In practice the purpose of NATO was to keep all of Europe down including England, decolonization of the European Empires to avoid another World War, contain as best possible the Communists from filling the vacuum with mixed success - the goal is to keep them down and over time buy them out (largely done) .

Hence saturation, overreaching, now implosion (you’ll miss us you know).

Don’t worry we’re leaving, we have some “sorting out” to do here...

Good luck.

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IDK-We've heard all this. IF modern constituions are so well written then why don't they work, at all?

Fact is, the American consitution is probably the best of a bad bunch and it was altered beyond recognition by the Reconstruction Amendments.

It's arguable just how much of waht goes on is really "unconstitutional" since teh Radical Republicans (imagine?) never thought that anyone would apply , say, the 14th Amendment to homo-marriage although it is worded poorly enough to stretch it.

If you don't like gerrymandiering, term limits would make it even more virulent.

No one took away congress's power to declare war. They just don't do it anymore and fund wrs anyway. It gets them out of demanding just what teh war goal is.

Alternatively, leaders like PUtin, Assad or even Hussein or Ghdahffi seemed to understand their own people and position inteh world better than John Foster Dulles-Anthony Blinken.

Maybe, Liberalism, republics and constituions have simply run their course when teh news media becomes a defacto organ of the state which is financed almsot totally by rich people.

The Middle East was never so well governed as by the Ottoman's since their demise.

The Habsbergs understood their empire to be a rickety thing yet, it's demise was the major direct cause of WW2.

Whether we are eten by that fine lion or rats of our kind depends upon the rats and the lion.

The old aristocracy was nop doubt inadequate to teh challenges of industrialization.

But that's over. India is now a major manufacturer.

It's men of great character who are lacking and no constitution will fix that.

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