There have actually been accounts of women taking vengeance on captors when they lost male loved ones. Muhammad was supposedly killed in such a manner.

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In reading this I recall Scott Ritter's comments on the state of the hitherto vaunted Israeli army. It really hasn't fought a general war in 2 generations and combat has now become remote with drones and video screens and AI driven machineguns; with on the ground action mostly confined to a policing role of total dominance over a weakened adversary. Apparently they are having a very tough time when coming face to face with the Palestinian warriors who are screaming for their blood. Upwards of 3000 have needed psychiatric help so far. Just saying....

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Not to argue anything here but add that the woman soldier may be only one indication that war has become obsolete in a a multi-polar world of rising economies and awareness given the material damage as well as the cost of high tech weapons and how relatively ineffective they are in political decisions.

For al lthe saber rattling, the major powers resort to proxy wars that never end and everyone is catching on.

The Cold War provided a universal catecsim for wars and "readiness" but never explained "thre Napalm Girl" photo in Veit Nam:why bombing Viet Nam children was necessary to "protect freedom".

With the "Evil Ejpires" gone, these proxy wars continue but cannot stand on their own merit becasue there isn't any. The 'politcs" is actaully worse than anything Marx accused the bougeosie of .

America manufactures % 42 of the worlds weapons. This buys polticians. The latest political fad provides the "cause" , CAIR or the Israel Lobby. The media thrives on campaign ads and jinoism. The latest social fad becomes recruiting gimmick.

The Cold War monster just goes on atuo-pilot which never had a cause other than preventing a nuclear war which was to not decide anything and neither do today's proxy wars. They just go on forever and become political staple.

"If you kill Amerifan service poeple, we will hunt you down and take you out!"

As if, we hadn't been doing that for over 70 years now,,,

This may appeal to Feminists trying to prove they can out do men but here, the enemy isn't Hamas or Houghtis. It's men! Their own men! No kidding, men aren't going to fight to prove women fight better. Whtie men aren't going to fight to prove other races are better.

You win, and you just get taken down another notch while corportae greed heads cash in and Thots pass the laurels and someone else deamnds reparations for slavery.

No surprise, Israel owns the U.S. gov't-kcik back on foreign aid plus Israel has a cause of sorts, right out of 19th Cnetury colonialism. Pols in WDC are so anemic they don't even realize that what they're pushing in Gaza is the exact opposite of what they puch at home and wonder why both political parties are fraturing right along with the states over the border imbroglio which they also can't solve.

Why would anyone fight for this? Of course, there'd have to be some gimmick, alterior motive.

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So are you proposing a new religion for the West? Quran.com/49/13

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Thank you for an excellent essay. I enjoyed its erudition and its thought provoking conclusions.

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I agree on a lot of this… however, it presupposes that death is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. Women without maternal instinct and with modern fetishes don’t represent some underlying impulse to be conquered. Death is over fast, people who live on after loss of someone they love or are very attached to can be much harder. Men die in war, but if their mother actually had maternal instinct they also have to carry on with that loss. Even if the mothers come from a masculine culture where they want their men to fight and are proud of a son, it’s worse than death to lose a beloved child. Andromache suffered the longest… no matter what a meme says, being taken as a slave by those who killed your baby would be insufferable. Women taken before children might acclimate after because they love the product of the union, as was the case with the princess of the Sabine’s. People in an actual bonded society have maternal instinct and bonds/love prompts sacrifice.

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