Excellent essay packs a serious punch. It's time for a nationalist counter-revolution and an ethno-socialist political movement. The enemy has taken off the gloves but still hide behind curtains. Let's pull them back and expose them all.

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This is a very powerful article. It's a masterpiece of well-assembled hard truths about the reality of the kind of world we live in and a choice we must all make. I choose good over evil loyal to Jesus at my side even though I am not religious. But I do have "Faith" in him. Stumbling upon this site made my day. And I'm re-reading this article because it puts everything together succinctly so well.

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Finally a bit of reality check for right wingers.

To reach our power level:

-Call a spade a spade, IT'S THE JEWS. It doesn't matter how many supranational orgs you try to hide the truth, most of them are open about their goals , what kinda conspiracy is that ? We all know they are a threat but stop the hyperbole and call the js.

-Your diagnosis is correct congrats! We are in a perpetual state of conflict with the System, however you convinently forget to mention the logical conclusion: There's no political solution , time for violent uprisal. But you're citing sun tzu , while we already are on the Hard Reset. At least get the 101 : 4th Gen warfare -Lind , War of the fleas. Leaderless Resistance. Siege, etc

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Not to aruge against a bit of this, especially th e"Liberal Illusion".

However, (from WIkipedia) "according to the 2014 Moldovan census, 90 per cent of the country reported to be of the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith. Of this number, around eighty to 90 per cent of Orthodox Moldovans belong to the Moldovan Orthodox Church (formally known as Metropolis of Chișinău and All Moldova) which is subordinate to the Russian Orthodox Church, and has played a powerful role in deepening Russia's influence in Moldova. The remaining 10–20 per cent of Orthodox Moldovans belong to the Metropolis of Bessarabia, which is subordinate to the Romanian Orthodox Church."

Christian dissidents in former Communist lands have a powerful presence and organization to draw upon today which we Westerns in the "Lands of the Free" do not. i.e. we are free to acccept any religion or none so long as we chose "Liberalism" first.

Jews and Muslims organize at local synagogue-mosque levels. I'd imagine Catholics and Orthodox do too, more than Western Protestants which is difficult to even call a religon anymore, at least, of anything but "the invidual".

I am beginning to think that our way, though, is similar in simply knowing right from wrong. Ashley Babbitt's death was wrong. Israel is wrong in Gaza. Endless Petro-Dollar debt is wrong. Importing Muslims after 911 was wrong since they seemt to hate us so much. Now, we're "anti-Semites" if we don't fight them? Well, that's wrong too!

I think, for us, there will be some incident, like John Brown's Raid. Not that Brown was sane. Henry David THoreua a sanctimonious liberal of the most obnoxious sort.

But the one man spark is an American thing. Dylan Roof and Cliven Bundy did it because that is sort of the way we do things, hoping, that this time, it will explode. Not that shooting up a church or anythign else is a good idea. Then, the perp is the aggressor and it's hard to get behind anything like that.

But Cliven Bundy got lots farther than Roof while ZOG is still SWATTING people all over the place.

They sent a toddler to the hospital in Elysia Ohio with a flashbang recently : wrong house!

Someday, soon, it will really be the wrong house, when some guy lights into them (and they aren't good) and fire another "the shot heard round the world", and then another and another after that, and draws everybdoy who knows, what is right.

No coincidence, IMO,one of Harold Covington's novels starts like this and also Wiliam Pierce (I'm not much on fiction) but that's no coincidence either.

Popeye, if you rmember, "I can takes what I can takes but I can takes no more!"

WW2 propagnda wnet a ot like this. There's the Western hero, a peaceful guy who finally picks up his gun.

The reality is that lots of us "can takes no more".

Someday soon, ZOG is going to push the wrong button.

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