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Let's not overlook bankrupt NATO leadership operating a WW2 uncombined arms doctrine. Each "arms package" was to be a "game changer", theHIMARS, Abrams, Leopards, MRAP, ATCAMS, and F!6s that never showed at the final "counter offensive". Altogether, it was a "maybe" but piecemeal, a disaster, given Russian battlefield surveillance, overhead loitering munitions, air superiority and, not the least, low cost surge production missiles in addition to precision types which conserved cost while NATO is left bankrupt with depleted stocks.

In a word, "stupid".

Germany and Poland aruging over which will maintain Leopard tanks that arrived disfunctional to begin, Urkaine with no tech crews for even 1st eachalon maintainance.

This was NATO amateur hour run by politicians and political generals. i.e. grossly more 4 and 5 stars than WW2 who are good at getting promoted by politicians who are good at getting elected, and obviously not anything else, unless teh object was to clean out old stock and depopulate Urkaine., which they did accomplish.

U.S. Army has been on occupation duty for 20 years and gotten so slack that they never worked up a withdrawal plan for Afghanistan andjust left when Biden said "leave". However much Republicans blame Biden, the sme thing would have happend to Trump had he followed thru on hispromises and done it.

This bodes ill for Israel which could end up simiarly in a regional war thte Natenyahu must see as his only hope of remainng in power. "Arab" militias hae adopted Wagner PMC tactics taylored to their needs. They have less to unlearn and are amazingly focussed on the means and goals at hand. Hamas is winning its fight for global recognition i.e. indpendance. visa vie "the 2 state solution" via irregulars fighting on shoe string budgets.

And, it was all predictable as was Ukraine. Armor has no chance against overhead drones, Merkava nor Leopard. Why did Hamas attack, knowing Isreal's "disproportionate response" doctrine? BRICS closing in on the Ptro-dollar and Riyadh hosting Islamic summits and Erdogen clearing the diplomatic path for his 2 million man army to intervene and Repubican-AIPAC-Israeli PR looking ever more ghoulish. Natenyahu is already another Zelensky but nobody NATO seems to even notice.

Telling that that Far Left "Squad" and indpendant Repubicans like MTG and Massi are suddenly on the same page on both Ukraine and Israel.

The "Uniparty" is bankrupt.

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