Yeah, this is fair enough.

However, I think Trump still has a romantic view of WW2 and has yet to see through the "Jewish State" clearly although he's closer than most.

He doesn't seem to understand how his Abraham Accords motivated Hamas to attack on Oct 7 nor that his COVID vaccine and "Operation Warp Speed" was a disaster.

Maybe, now, that he has cause for revenge he better understands rats like Fauci and Miley.

However, his biggest flaw is that he has no staff who are both loyal and understand WDC.

He can't do it alone but I doubt he sees Ed Snowden or Julien Assange as allies against the "Deep State".

His fmily is in Natenyahu's corner and a regional Middle East War would be the end of whatver he might have wanted to do.

"Peace through strength" isn't going to work anymore Strong as ZOG may be, it hasn't been doing well. WHen we make our enemies afraid, they gang up on us and this ain't the summer of love.

It's more the elephant and the ants.

Trump seesd that better thn most too but he also bombed Syria first thing 2016 andf assassianated Soleimani. He hasn't been entirely clear about ISrael lately and I'd give him that: it's too volatile at this point.

Truth is, he is not as tough as he acts. I'm from New York. Lots of peopole there tallk like Trump but are pure mush inside. He really is a nice guy. HE has barracks comaradie abotu him though he never bloused his trousers. He got deferments 5 times during Viet Nam. But, I think he may really regret that, now, as having missed something.

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I really can't understand how anyone who was awake during the 4 years of Trump administration could still have such naive beliefs about him.

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