18th thru late 19th Century “Natural Philosophy” was the rational study of God’s Creation. The earlier precursors were monks who illuminated sacred text and studied pea inheritance (Mendel).

Inheritance was most of society i.e. the Three Estates into which people were born and never escaped, along with whatever property of their fathers, until the French Revolution and Napoleon began a change thru Liberal Europe approaching America, which never had hereditary, feudal class structure. Writing constitutions, like scientific “how to” manuals, became a political fad in Liberal Europe.

A certain class of arrogant atheists aligned with Marx and the anti-clerics of the French Revolution took science as proof against God, that everything could be explained via scientific principles. What they really aimed at was eliminating the clergy which held property rights sacrosanct which they, in turn, held as the basis of the despised feudal class system which, in fact, it was.

Aristocrats inherited estates and titles. Bourgeoisie inherited business or government positions. Craftsmen inherited a trade. Peasants inherited a lot of work and restrictions.

Science, in fact, did call this hereditary system into question since everyone did seem to put their pants on the same way. Differences were largely imposed by circumstance. What counted was intelligence and character which transcended class which has progressed to “woke” absurdities.

Today, in Charles Murray’s “Human Diversity”, 2020, we discover that not only IQ but cognitive differences expressed in character, like empathy and conscientiousness, are also hereditary, not within a class, but they are heritable traits with a race. They are what create and maintain stereotypes.

Now, we have Artificial Intelligence which challenges the basis of the Liberal Order, IQ and Character, as opposed to feudal heredity. Our Great Leaders actually can be replaced by learning machines although to what extent, we don’t know.

I suspect entirely. The brain and nervous system are after all part of the muscular system which machines have been replacing for centuries. A good boss is nothing more than someone who has learned the principles and has the character and brains to apply them, all of which can be replicated by a learning computer as it once by hereditary classes which apprenticed their young.

This leaves the question of spirituality entirely open to that which was neither life nor the machines created by life, but that which created the elements of both, in the Beginning, and it will certainly leave material arrogance behind.

It will require a disciplined, hierarchical class structure of the like never seen, based upon heritable characteristics and leaving material wealth behind, whether inherited or looted. It will "equality" behind as it must. The Bill Gates, Devos Crowd are too stupid to manage anything like this. They could hire the engineers required but they couldn’t manage the economy, technology, politics i.e. make any of the correct decisions required even with artificial intelligence, which they would corrupt like frivolous wealth corrupts everything else.

I see a Dark Age ahead, a protracted period of turmoil, wrestling with all this, in which capitalism and communism will be seen as merely two faces of the same thing and the Great Traditional Religions aspire to something beyond Saffron Gurus, Bile Thumpers, Zionists or Muslim Fundamentalists although a return to fundamentalism is likely required for a new view in an entirely new era.

The nature of our existance will change to what we, I think will discover, has been there, all along.

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In the current situation, the only path that seems possible to overcome the absurd conceptions of man, imposed by materialistic science, is the path ‘against the modern world’.

Succinctly said...sublime even.

John 15:19 - If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

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