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What a great piece of writing! It’s something I’ve suspected but just missed the mark until now.

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Comic book heroes were an American Jew creatio prior to WW2. Martin and Mo Goodman founded Marvel in 1939 and hoiked up with Horacelieberkeit, a pulp publisher. Captain America apeared in 1940, a U.S. Army scientificall altered solider to fight "nazis" (tm). Cpatin NAzi appear in Master Comics in 1941, also scientitifically altered to fight for Hitler.

By 1939, Jews already predominated in entertainment from early Nickeloidian days when when silent movies were a low overhead way for immigrants to start a business.

William Stephenson, a wealthy Canadian spy for Britain, organized the Britsh Secruity Coordination via "Operation Intrepid" which recruited the predominatly Jewish American film and entertainment industry to sway largely isolationist Americans against Hitler.

ALl of this stuff is totally gringe, at this point. Anyone paying attention might have noticed the gross inaccuracies but the comic view has largely become the history, writtten by the victor.

"America's Greatest Generatrion" borrows no little from comic book personna and the extraordinarily mediocre idea of good guy vs bad guys which plagues us worse than ever.

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