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I want to clarify something here that cuts pretty close to home for me.

The "racial dregs" of Red Hook that Lovecraft wrote about were largely Irish immigrants, although there were apparently also Italian, German and Swedish in the mix at Red Hook.

I'm Irish Catholic heritage. My parents came of age, and married, in New York City in the 1930's during the great depression, and my father had to deal with businesses posting signs saying "Help Wanted - No Irish Need Apply". I can tell you a slew of crude jokes about the dirty and shiftless Irish and Italians - and those groups were further guilty of the unforgivable sin of being Roman Catholic.

In other words, I am part of the "racial dregs" Lovecraft was so horrified and disgusted by.

Does this mean that I should be shunned since associating with me would pollute the racial purity of your Aryan society?

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