Yes, and in America, we have this same notion of victimhood bestowing omnipotence. Hypocrisy and contradictory behavior doesn't matter. Whatever a God thinks at the moment must be right since a God thought it hence, the ruling elites simply emote rather than think. It's pure egotism i.e. satanic.

I'd also add the Apocalyptic Mythology of WW2 in which the "holocaust" plays the central role in Jewish victimhood and prohibition of any criticism as "hate speech" originating with the "original sin" of "Nazism" which has become "White Supremacism" in general. which was defeated for all time in the epic, global struggle of WW2 between good and evil which is why we must forever be vigilant i.e. "Never Again!" : it was so much fun first time! Of course, WW2 began as a border dispute much like that in the Donbas today and the borders Hitler "violated" had been well within German territory before the Peace treaties of Paris had moved them. England's support of French revenge rendered the dispute global, rather than deter it, replicating the beginnings of WW1. The sanctity of Urkaine's borders plays the same role as Poland's 84 years ago. So, it's "Never Again", all over again, with America playing "Perfidious Albion".

The Hamas OCt 7 attack has stirred the pot, though. After 911, American Isreal Lobby saw Muslims as another minoriy they had to protect less another pogrom, both under the Democrats-RINO coalition. Now, at total odds, the Democrats have a major split to contend with hence a "national Islamophobia strategy". Republicans tended toward Natenyahu's tough stance but now face war weary conservatives disillusioned by Iraq and other revelations as well as Likud's blatant visciousness while historical revision plods relentlessly howvever slow.

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Listing out a few arguments I am understanding from Dugin's writing:

Here are some of the key arguments from the article expressed as syllogisms:

𝑝1: According to traditional Judaism, and as their atonement, Jews must wait in exile for the Messiah to come and establish Israel as the homeland.

𝑝2: Zionism established Israel as a homeland without waiting for the Messiah.

𝑝2.1: These Zionists skipped the atonement process.

𝑐: Therefore, Zionism contradicts traditional Judaism.

The example given is The followers of the pseudo-Messiah Shabbtai Tzvi spread the idea that Jews could return to Israel without waiting for the Messiah.

This idea helped create an intellectual environment that supported Zionism's goal of establishing Israel without waiting.

Therefore, Shabbtai Tzvi's followers contributed to the development of Zionism.

𝑝1: Shabbtai Tzvi deliberately converted to Islam as a "sacred betrayal" to hasten the Messiah.

𝑝2: This allowed for justifying converting to other religions while still claiming to be acting holy.

𝑐: This greater religious flexibility abandons traditional Jewish practices, which supported Zionism's non-traditional approach.


𝑝1: According to traditional Judaism, Jews must await the Messiah in exile and atone for sins.

𝑝2: Movements like Neturei Karta advise Jews should endure exile and await the Messiah without establishing Israel themselves.

𝑐: Therefore, the Neturei Karta movement's position is more consistent with traditional Judaism than Zionism.

Further, Jews like Jacob Frank (claiming Jews consume Christian infants) was part of his theology developed from Sabbatean sects. This theology justified converting to other religions while still claiming holiness. Therefore, Jacob Frank's theology further undermined traditional Jewish practices and opened the door for Zionism's non-traditional approach.

𝑝1: In traditional Judaism, Jews are the chosen people awaiting the Messiah in exile as they atone for sins.

𝑝2: Zionism established Israel without waiting for the Messiah, going against the Jewish tradition of exile and anticipation.

𝑐: Therefore, Zionism represents a rejection and inversion of traditional Jewish beliefs and roles.

𝑝1: Dugin characterizes Zionism as "Jewish Satanism, Satanism within Judaism."

𝑝2: Satanism involves inverting or contradicting a religious tradition.

𝑐: Dugin characterizes Zionism as inverting or contradicting the traditions of Judaism and justifies the label of "Satanic".

In the same way that Satanism contradicts or inverts a religious tradition. The article portrays Zionism as a form of "Jewish Satanism" that overturns the foundations of Judaism, consistent with the definition of Satanism as inverting or contradicting a religious tradition.

Overall 𝑐: Zionism is the ideology of the state of Israel, it perverts genuine Judaism.

Overall 𝑐2: Zionism relies not just on religious Jews but also secular and other-faith Jews who see betraying their faith as "sacred."

Overall 𝑐3: The conflict has deep metaphysical roots that human rights appeals cannot address due to long-disregarded Palestinian rights and the aforementioned movements of Zionism disregarding tradition.

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