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I knew there was a backstory to this! The article does a good job of sharing with the public who Menachem Mendel Schneerson was. There's a reason people hate him.

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The more people one tolerates the less tolerant those people become.

In America, this has gone to the point where we pivot from from one bunch of kranks to another and just never mind what we said yesterday or the day before.

The Jew-Palestine feud has torn the Democrats in two while "the Butcher of Gaza" has left Republicans with a bucket of wind and Pastor John Hagee, which are about the same thing.

But notice, more and more people are beginning to "notice" and call out the one who cannot be criticized.

We are definitely at the end of the world wars cycle. The "tolerance" of this era was a gift, from thoe on high to the lowly. Tolerance in this era will be that of a competative Global South and a White "proletariat" disillusioned with its liberal heroes and "tolerant" instituions.

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Stop saying "leftists" and "liberals" when you really mean Jews. Its the Jews that are upset and the Jews that control Poland.

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Please provide exact bank data (IBAN etc) for support of the guy. Thank you.

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