When he invaded the USSR, Hitler exactly repeated Napoleons catastrophic mistake, and like Napoleon he lost his Grand Army and half of Europe

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So Glad to have Read this!

It is congruent with most histories written today, particuarly Stanley Payne, John Mosier or Albert Seaton.

One point, however, is that the Axis Powers really had little choice in policy once they became conquorers and occupiers. Contrary to the popular view, nationalists like Stepan Bandera were of little use to an alliance already factious and as quarrelsome as between Hitler and Mussolini. Japan hardly cooperated with the West at all. Atracting allies from among the Western powers was one thing. Creating them from conquored peoples is something only America would do and not very successfuly.

Remember all the treachery during WW1.

As for planned econmy, Geramny had been doing that since Frederick the Great. Germans were just a lot better at it than Stalin or FDR. Germans had developed a class of indutrialists who were not government apparatniks but were also not "robber barons". They were pretty haughty characters, the typical continental-British heute bourgeosie who craved noble titles but the Germans were far more conservative and the "von" retained more noblesse oblige even among those not chosen.

The Germans also understood the "SPectre of 1789" better than most. No coincidence that that the Papal Rerum Novarum came out in 1891 calling out labor as the basis of money and fair wages as the basis of economy much as Henry Ford had seen i.e. that no one would sell anything to workers who couldn't afford to buy anything. Wages and markets were two faces of the same thing. Money was merely instrumental whether an economy was planned or not. In fact, it is natural fores that compel regulation as well as impinge on other natural forces, like Robespierre.

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The article is nonsense. The USSR was prepared for war against Germany immediately after WW1. The dimension of the industrial efforts made by the USA is indisputable (3 books of A. Sutton are very clear about it). V. Suvorov confirms that it was only a matter of months before the USSR attacked Germany. A.Hitler was moved to attack to anticipate the barbarian hordes. WEHRMACHT welcomed and embraced by the Ukrainian people is the proof that the German soldiers were liberators and EISENTZGRUPPE were the vindicators of millions of poor Ukrainians assassinated with the famine. The people commissars were their target, no people randomly. Therefore, National Socialism could play a role in installing a socialism that was not Marxist but the defeat closed any opportunity of freedom and socialism. How National Socialism "... disregarded the right of self-determination..." is absurd, because in the occupied territories there was never any time to establish a political model of state: war was ongoing.

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