This was well argued and largely expresses my own opinion on the issue. Ultimately, we gain nothing from hitching our horses, so to speak, to either end of the spectrum in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I think Guillaume Faye's advice was best that we stay neutral in that conflict as we continue to work towards our own stability and homogeneity.

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Are you actually proposing to expel Jews from Israel?

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This was scattered and angry but I think I disagree with iut.

Yes, the area ha a long history of contentions but the Ottoman's mastered the art of empire or 'Schlamperie" as the Austrians called it and a multipilcity of people including Jews lived there well enough until the Madate, when waves of European Jews migrated, mostly Communists and Zionists

What we call "anti-Semtiism" toady is a clash of cultures extended into a class conflict in America, between teh "Zionist" upper classes ruling Israel and Euro-America, completely divorced from European and American masses, growing wider ever since the Epic Battle of Good and Evil in WW2.

No state compelled to iquidae 1/4 of its population has any right to exist nor does any state condoing it, muchless financing it. They have both lost their legitimacy.

The same people who brought us Muslim iimigration and "diversity" now squeal becasue some of these diverse people really don't like Jews in ways Westerners never imagined, and they are also behind teh anti-White campaign : 'Zionists" isn't the best term but the best at the moment.

White Western masses may not be Mulsim nor Arab but politically, we are "Palistinians" in our own lands, just like the Palistinians : Realpolitik.

Zionists are the common enemy.

China has united Isreal;s regional enemies as never before and the Arab militias, Hamas, Hezbollahd, Houthis, Islamic Jihad, ect, are afr more effective and giving the vaunted IDF a fight that Sclomo clearly isn't prepared for and neitrher is America, $33 trillion in debt and our Treaury Bonds not selling like they used while Saudi Arabia and China trdfe in national currencies.

The Epic Myth presribed America as "Policeman of teh World" and Bretton Wood unlimited financing to do it. : "Never Again!" would teh evil "Nazis" pcik on Jews.

The Sorellian power mythos has run its course. The emerging Global South doesn't care about it and even has a much rosier view of that old villain, Adolf Hitler, with which current Western historical revision is more congruent.

Eastern leaders do not despise themselves nor their peopole like Western Elites Erdogen is head of the Muslim Brotherhood of which Hamas is part and can monilize 2 million men plus an adequate air defense and anvy to destroy Israel all by himself. If he marches, the rest will follow and america will n ot stop it. Ther is alrady a Russian army on teh Golan heights, under tricolor, not PMC.

ISrael's Final Solution to the Paleistinain QUestion may become its own.

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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023

"Israel should never have been created in the first place." That is a ambiguous statement .

[The Abraham Accords] seem to be the best prospect because as long as Islamism exists even without a State of Israel there will be perpetual warfare along with global involvement. Maintaining a large degree Hellenistic culture seemed to have pivoted the Magian world into a higher degree of creativity .

How did the Byzantine Empire treat Jews? During that interregnum the Jews sided with the Arabian Caliphate which eventually put a Muslim stamp at the Temple Mount.

Globalism is not synonymous or no longer with Zionism [i.e., IMF] given that the globalist finances have spread out to the so-called multi-polar [?] pro- BRIC countries like China.

There is really to much to say here so these are pretty condensed points . Is the Frankfurt School a Jewish phenomenon and is it relative to the conflict here?

What I think I see happening is that corporations are investing in 3rd World countries modernizing its infrastructure which can be a threat to the countries more traditional structures . What was predicted in the book Future Shock. What would a archeo-futurist environment look like given that modernism will be a given ?

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