thx ..u ..very inspiring..we are truly at the crossroads between enhancing our true spiritual nature.or becoming enveloped into the dungeons of the "wolf".

Our high moral ground may facilitate our ascent

However if we choose the flesh we slip into the abyss of the demonic phase..and Artificial intelligence takes it all!!

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Very well written and articulated!

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The deepest part of the spiritual struggle to be genuinely pro-White is to love your fellow Whites. From birth to death for generations, Whites have been trained to be suspicious and threatened by one another while being concurrently taught to trust and adore non-Whites. The first part of a pro-White spiritual practice is to smile at other Whites when in public places like the supermarket or restaurant. Radiate affection and respect to them.

My worship is the adoration of Whiteness as a specific expression of the Spark of the Divine.

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