“Our manly ways and stern simplicity wreak much confusion to the enemy's councils. For they are men yet garb themselves as women, wearing wigs and finery and lace.” ― Oliver Cromwell

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So, it appears that Russian Liberals rushed to Fukuyama's "end of history" along with American Liberals,. Or, is it "the end of the world"?

It also appears as difficult to fight both Liberals and Totalitarians : the enemy of my enemy,,,

The same holds for the now discredited Communists, with whom Libeals of that era got along a lot better than with the "Totalitarians" of the "Right".

The answer I think is that neither "Fascism" nor Communism was forced upon people of that era as Liberals today claim. The were embarced as alternatives to the constitutional monarchies of "Liberal Europe" which had discredited themselves in WW1 and betrayed the great hopes in the ensuing peace treaties. which proved Victorian but without the Great White Queen.

People were adrift. Democracy had broken down into squabbling factions, much like today,dominated by meony.

In fact, Hitler was appointed and the ensuing "Brown" election rigged by Franz von Papen as the latter had the previous appointments and elections via control of major campaign donations. This is exactly what's happening in America today. The donors control politics so voting changes nothing. Hitler did change things though through "my will", as Napoleon had. I understand that Mr. Putin was also picked as something of a front man the oligarchs thought they could control. OF course, people were happy that someone had finally broken the deadlock and was moving on matters of dire if plebian concern.

Mussolini and Franco were prime ministers with comparable powr to CHurchill while FDR was no less a wartime autocrat of sorts who used to wr to reamke a "Progressive" America as Wilson had intended, as well as the world .

Russian memories are of invasion, of course and I undestand that the "crimes of Stalin" led to denigrating Red Army veterans when the USSR collapsed. It was wise for Mr. Putin to put a stop to it, I suppose. We have the same thing occurring in America but we're much farther down the rabbit hole and new few WW2 veterrans have also gone "Smedly Butler" on whole thing.

However, Communists saved Russia from another "Napoleon" which the feudal Tsar might not have been able to do, in a far more industrialized war. Imagine, Tsarist Russia with ICBMs in the Cold War? There wa Trotsky, proposing a general peace in 1917. Unrealistic and even cynical as it was, continuing teh war proved worse. It gave men hope that something good would come of disaster.

This leaves Russia with a powerful army and America worse off than during Viet Nam. I'm not sure that's a a bad thing. American politics is no longer capable of doemstic change. ZOG will simply have to be defeated in war. Talk is, to recruit illegal aliens. LoL!

But, in both cases, as Liberalsim dies, both Totalitarians and Communists will be seen for what they were rather than as what Liberal smake them appear, saviours to many of their time and very much locked in time as well.

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