The interaction of the Ahrimanic element of modern industrial mechanisation, technology and capitalism with the followers of the decadent Nibelungen savagery resulted in the fall of Central Europe and especially Germany.

The lack of spirit from German culture is now quite obvious.

The non-emancipation of spiritual life and the disastrous conditions in Central Europe which have prevailed especially during the last hundred years have made Germany, unfortunately, the enemy of the healthy cultural/spiritual, political/legal and economical/social development of humanity.

What has Germany to do with the spirit of Fichte, Hegel, Wagner, Goethe and Rudolf Steiner?...

Dimitrios Peroulas

Athens, Greece

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Oh how right you are… On all levels, Germany is (at) the forefront of nullification of (its) culture, values and mere sense of being. Obviously not just Germany…

Where can anyone look in Europe to NOT be overwhelmed by moral decline?

But back to Richard Wagner… the last “sensible and meaningful modern” iteration of the Ring was Patrice Chéreau’s Jahrhundert-Ring! After this, everything went downhill.

At least we had the good fortune to enjoy a wonderful Die Walküre in Athens two months ago. These four hours gave me some hope…

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And for me, Petro, it gave me hope, as Greece, you see it, you live it, since it became a pawn of the EU and NATO, is collapsing and disappearing. Greece is dying.

The same is happening in all countries that accept the immoral and inhuman power of the US and its vassals, as unfortunately Armenia is doing as well.

May we see in Athens the other divine works of our beloved Richard Wagner. Especially Lohengrin and Parsifal. And of course the entire "Tetralogy".

My dear friend, salvation on a personal, national and global level is inscribed in the Work of Initiate Wagner. As well as in the Work of the other Initiate Rudolf Steiner.

We translate Steiner's work into Greek:


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I couldn’t agree with you more, Dimitri…!

“Hier bist du an geweihtem Ort: da zieht man nicht mit Waffen her, geschloss’nen Helmes, Schild und Speer.Und heute gar! Weißt du denn nicht, welch’ heil’ger Tag heut’ ist?”


“Ja! Woher kommst du denn?Bei welchen Heiden weiltest du, zu wissen nicht, daß heute der allerheiligste Karfreitag ist?”

There were times when “Parsifal” was staged on every Good Friday in most opera houses of the world. Wagner’s “Karfreitagszauber” from Parsifal’s third act is a monument! A mountain of emotions, faith, knowledge, belief and absolute transcendence…

Where have these times gone to?

Yes my friend , Greece, Europe and the Occident - as we understood it once - are not on the brink of extinction. The Occident is already extinct, we just don’t realize it yet. If it had engines, it would be “flying on hot air” on a glide-path to nowhere.

Thank you for the link to the ongoing translation work of Rudolf Steiner’s work. Much appreciated indeed. And - as with Wagner’s genius - much needed.

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Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, and Gustav Mahler had one thing in common - They were masters of Orchestration.

BTW, another decent German whom you omitted was Goethe, then there is Bach, Brahms, and………..

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I should comment as I'm not familiar with Wagner is the Gay thing, language has shifted since Wagner's time

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