Striking how clearly Alexander Dugin understands American politics. Many of us have long concluded that neither party has anything to offer. Even Donald Trump's preeminence is that of the outsider however convnentional he actually is.

On epoint, however, is that when Dugin refers to Biden concerned with only American interests, I would say, not all Americans. In fact, it appears that the "elites" of both parties would have little more trouble dealing with most White American than Isreal with its Palistinians. Here, both party "elites" reveal their contempt.

Biden has betaryed rebellious Liberals who have traditionally identitfied with the Palestinian cause.

Republicans meanwhile attempt to pass off Isreal's murderous over reation as some sort of "Judeo"-Christian charity which comes off as "any cause but White", who are clearly the oppressed race in America.

The leaders of both parties have forsaken their constituents in favor of global, elite American-Isreali Jews, many of whom are dual citizens. Of WDC's 685, 545 residence, an estimated 300,000 are Jews, which is about the attendance of a recent Republican pro-Isreal rally featuring Pastor John Hagee, an end times mega-church crank. Ostensbily Devout House Speaker Mike Johnson proclaimed a cease fire to be out of the question which made the otherwise ridiculous van Jones the voice of reason ergo, these party "elites" may represent "American intersts" but not the intersts of most Americans.

Look at the Liberal meida ratings. Then, look at FOX News betore and after firing Tucker Carlson. Carlson still outperforms FOX all on his own presenting the view of a conservative disenfranchised majority while Libeals are just discovering that the DNC has nothing for them

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The Arab/Islamic world is hijacked by Wahabism and Salafisim. These are interpretations of Islam that hands over minds and hearts to the rulers. These rulers of the larger Islamic states ( in population or resources) are all Zionist stooges ( possibly with Epstien excursion trips). Turkey is a masonic playground. Not much to expect. Iran might be the only county that is serious about this change but I hope they don't gang on it. Palestinians are on their own.

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