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Yes, but this is only one apsect of Judeo-American dominance that is dwindling mostly of its own malfeasance, based upon the Great Mythology of WW2 : how the peasceful American cowboy had to strap on his six gun again and get it over, "over there".

The EU seems to think that now is the time to stand up a pan-European Army to fight Russia whiile driving farmers inot bankruptcy to save teh planet for the Leer Jet class.

"What if they had a war and nobody came?"

Every sanction the U.S. imposes is a sanction upon itself as well.

The U.S. has to sell $10 trillion to refinance debt in 2024 or default and the bonds are not selling.

They seem to be playing a peculiar version of musical chairs in which nobody has ever been excluded since 1945 no matter how many times the music stops.

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