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Yes, this is "multipolarity" challenging the "Unipolar" American-Isreali intrusion into former Ottoman domain of which Erdogen's Turkey also remains a major force with 2 million men he can mobilize and and effective air-sea power even if he didn't get the "EuroFighter" jet. Hamas belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood which Erdogen heads.

As I understand, Iran has a small army but a large conentional missile inventory with which to support its proxy militias. Nuclear weapons in the region really don't make sense via pollution but conventional missiles do, making them more dangerous.

Pakistan apparently would also supply Turkey with nuclear warheads should Isreal get froggy.

Truth is, there never was a military solution for now 8.2 million Western Isrealis in the former Ottokman domain of 411 million who largely have never held Jews in high regard.

Yet, Palestine has been horrendoulsy polyglot including Jews over the centuries, ruled by pragmatic empires. Isreal had either to assimilate or wind up like Frankish Jeruselem. The Templars provided unmatched heavy cavalry but numbers told in the end. not to menetion a tortuous supply line and dependancy upon foreign aid, while today's Saracens have mastered Western technology for their own purpose.

Whatever one thinks of Hamas, no one was going to take them seriously until Oct. 7 and they are now closer to indepenance than ever before, including Oslo.

In a larger sense, the nature of warfare has changed so as to include civilians as never before which is something of a continuous trend from nuclear weapons by which the powers hold each others' entire popualtions hostage.

This may be a good thing in that people take interest in war and policy as we used to when they directly affected us vs something removed by geography, volunteers and the Petro-Dollar.

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