This explains a lot. The situation in Russia seems more analogous to ours in America than I'd thought in many ways except, most significantly, we do not have anyone ike Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump is as close as we have but Trump is of the wealthy elites and lacks the dsiciplined view to transcend the status quo even though it's failing. It's hard to see how MAGA is really different other than the way in which it pandered the same wealthy elites as both Republicans and Democrats have in their own ways. Sounding like Putin was most of Trump. Acting like Putin was beyond him but, here, we see that Putin actually has the same sort of problem wih his Liberal establishment. It seems we are truly in a global struggle for civilization. Ironically, the struggle for nation transcends borders!

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Great piece. From an external perspective, it would seem that Putin’s greatest challenge will be to free Russian industry from the grip of the oligarchs. In the short term, he allies with them (uses them?) for his own advantage.

But it should not be forgotten that they arose alongside the liberalising forces of the early ‘90’s. There’s nothing inherent in Putin’s wider cultural or geopolitical strategy that they particularly need.

I’d like to see Putin in an alliance - or detente - with the KPRF when the time comes to return Russia’s wealth to her people.

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