Good piece but I think “cultural Marxism” needs a closer look.

Read Michael Rechtenwald or John Medaille: capitalism and communism have come to the same “oligarchy” from opposing paths, but there isn’t much difference I.e. a global ruling class of about 300,000 thoroughly people who are quite aware of their property rights and wealth. That is their “power mythos”. If anything, they are Calvinists without God, or maybe their own pleasure as a god of sorts, and contempt for all the lower classes.

After all, why can’t Mark Zuckerberg censor Facebook He owns it!

The enemy is a global polyglot class of rich people which holds its own version of anti-White racism sacrosanct, even the Whites among them. So, they are not traditional “racists” either. It funds the academics as “clerics” to justify its ill thought out prejudices. It makes war incessantly, IMO, frivolously or to shift demographics and keep its military power on the winning edge. It has no legitimate claim to legitimate power. It has only violence, property and wealth, which it is destroying, paradoxically.

Israel’s War in Gaza has brought far Left and far Right together against a common enemy which is entirely traditional in terms of revolution. While we must never lose our sense of race, blood and nation, I think we do have to admit a class enemy, which is what Marx preached and in 19th century Europe was more obvious than to 21st Century Americans who don’t think in terms of class very much. It’s also a ruling class that hasn’t existed before but whose origins can be traced thru the 19th Century bourgeoisie-aristocrat alliance Marx complained about.

Remember that FDR and Woodrow Wilson deferred to European aristocrats who had embroiled themselves in suicidal world wars. The NSDAP, PNF or FEJONS wanted to modernize tradition, not eradicate it. As we go into a post-Modern Era, we need to keep our lexicon fastidiously accurate because, today, is just plain isn’t and we are compelled to examine this business of property again.

Free Speech is not a gift from Elon Musk because he owns Twitter SLX.

There are gov’t apparatniks involved but Devos is mostly rich people who intend town everything because they almost do. They intend to exploit man as never before and impose a class system, secret police and surveillance but they are neither Marxists nor capitalists nor aristocrats. Birth is part of their inheritance but not all of it. They will sacrifice profits over ideology. They will fund failing enterprises like Liberal news media because they like it. Their “self-interest” is pretty juvenile and decadent, not because they are anti-cleric Marxists, but because they are corrupt, evil, in the traditional sense as we have never seen it. When they call themselves Marxists, they should “debutant” because they are frivolous above all things. They are dangerous because they are powerful but unpredictable. There is no sense in arguing with them or shaming them or changing their minds. They must simply be relieved of power. Anyone willing to do that is an ally, from Trump to Hamas, Rashida Tlieb to Marjorie Taylor Green. What happens after that will be another fight.

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