I am a former protestant Christian now muslim and i see nothing but righteous truth in these words!

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Yeah, IOW, "Buyer Beware!"

But when weren't we? Well, some of us.

I've also wondered just what fantastic argument AI woulld come up with that we haven't already heard, if it's learning is anything like human. I wouldn't put coffee in m y gas tank no matter who or what.

As I underdstand, AI learns by weighting parameters iaw correct or incorrect decisions. Well organized people also do this but it's not the only way we think hence, I've noticed a certain mechanical aspect to the thing.

AI art is easy to manipulate but oil painters did the same sort of experimenting. It just took longer and more skill. However, we already have everything from Rembrandt to Dali. AI can assimilate critique and churn out ediits a lot faster but it still has its hits and misses, just like anyone else.

AI weapons are another thing. Is there any sense in automated or remote control warfare? Without "Great God Pain", war is isn't coersive. It's academic at best, probalby just attrition, in which destroying production facilities will be key to victory, whatever that would mean. An automated ocupation not only seems too complacent to last but wouldn't have much point if robots havve repalced human labor. Likely, the war itself would reveal that civilans have never been sacrosanct and that amries do more to provoke other amries tha protect anyone anymore.

No, I like the idea that our managerial overlords are sweating it for a change. Note also, that a lot of techonolgy puts more in the hands of commoners. People can and have built automated UAVs and ground vehicles.. If not as effective as store boughty, they make the same sort of difference semi-automatic rifles make in civilian hands. Hamas overwhelmed Isreli air defense with "candy" feul rockets. Some guy on line 3D printed a guided SAM. You can build electronic jammers.

Key, IMO, is keeping up with all this stuff an dnot letting the ruling class monopolize it, which they can't, because they laregly aren't technicians.

And why not? Who are all these fools in power? Why Elon Musk so popular? Maybe, enough of medicine show elections for the "specific for everything". A corporatist, heirarchical state may be in the offing.

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