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-Learn to read nutrition labels and avoid toxic ingredients, especially artificial anything including products that touch the skin which includes laundry.

-Cook from scratch as much as possible.

-Buy food from local producers, farmers’ markets, etc. pay cash or trade labor.

-Get on a budget and increase financial literacy.

-Know your own family history. I feel blessed that mine is so rich. I have discovered that my ancestors were at the battle of Hastings on the winning side and helped assert the rights of our liege lord over England, Wales and Ireland. There are many castles, estates and towns with the family name as well as the family crest. I also have a direct connection to one of Adam Bell’s companions. Adam was a legendary English outlaw, similar to Robin Hood and may have been the historical inspiration for Robin. Another ancestor was a Puritan who arrived at Jamestown Colony in 1623.

-Buy land and grow, raise and process your own food.

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Whites being nice to Whites because they are White is the essence of being 'pro-White'. Anyone can be more 'pro-White' simply by smiling and being friendly toward Whites, including strangers. A 'pro-White' who walks around being suspicious of every White person they meet isn't serving the cause of the race. Be kind, be friendly. Smile at your fellow Whites. Don't worry about whether they're 'pro-White' or not, just be *pro-White* in your demeanor. Obviously, use good judgement, but in the comings and goings of your daily life, remember to *show* how much you like other White people.

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The UN and Philanthropists like George Soros is behind all of this. The UN has $8B set aside for targeting Western countries with migrants. There will be two classes the rich and the poor. Klaus Schwab said the middle class is standing in the way of their agendas and making them come true. Fortunately at this meeting they got push back from Heritage Foundation and President of Argentina telling them they were the problem. Another told Klaus the WEF was the threat to Democracy and for him to go F--k himself. We need more people like them and fortunately substacks are becoming the way to wake people up. Stopworldcontrol.com & FallCabal.com are great resources that present facts from the shots to our replacements.

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I love how you praise an aspirational Jew throughout your article! ✡️🇮🇱💙👸

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