It is important - and encouraging - to see Prof. Dugin make this distinction. And, of course, it is true.

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Dugin is always right on the money. He once again calls it exactly like it is. The west is a binary of our bolshevik, anti-human and secular grey world, against the spiritual and cultural core of the real west which lives under the oppression of the former.

West-1 and West-2 is quite right. The face and the heart.

I see Dugin as a hero of Europe and North America, as he knows the danger letting this “NWO” virus take full control of their hosts would have dire consequences for sanctity of life everywhere in the world.

Russia leads the way for spiritual sovereignty with Dugin at the helm.

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Wagenknecht and Michea also have small followings in Australia.

Bring on the Australian Revolution!

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